Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Angel

I have an angel coming home! She is the small version of my Volks SD Four Sisters. The Four Sisters is the first doll Volks released and so for their tenth anniversary they released a special version of them. They are known as YoSD Four Sisters. YoSD is a 10 inch sized doll (as opposed to their 24 inch doll) that's a little "angel" that fits in your hand.

I've wanted this doll since before anyone knew they were going to come out and I'm so happy that she's on her way! I can't wait until she arrives! Picture spam is soon!

For now, a link to the profile for YoSD Megu

Saturday, May 16, 2009


There is no justice sometimes. Truly, no justice at all...

But, dolls! My friend wants to buy a doll I want to sell and I want her to have it too, but she doesn't have any money. I really want this other doll but I can't get it without selling the first one. Waaaahahahhaa. I really want someone to buy it. D: I want my friend to have it too, but at this point I want anyone to have it. Hehe. Mainly because the company that sells the doll I want is giving away free face-ups from May 20 to June 10. Waaaant. Face-ups cost $40 from this company so it would save me a good amount of money.

Wish me luck? D:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love my Eric more than anyone else in the world, but I do not love sharing his germs. He was becoming sniffly a few days ago and now I am sniffly. Beh. But part of me likes it, it's like we're that close or something. I can't explain.

Sadness: I only just found out my bunny died. I left him in my ex's care and he died. He died September 27 so to find out on Mother's Day was pretty hard. I'm mad at my ex for not taking better care of him. If he paid more attention, my bunny would still be here. My heart aches for the lost life.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Y to the A to the Y

My laptop doesn't need repairing, but the wire does! All this stress and heartache.. and for what? For it to be a wire malfunction. This is super yay. So now my next move is to try and fix the wire, or get a new one that won't break down on me so quickly. Damn bootleggers. XD

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009


I had a dream about my favorite comic book character. Been a while, actually.

So Johnny (that's his name) was doing his thing and being Johnny. Killing people and such. When suddenly he's in a therapist's office and doesn't know how or when he got there. The therapist is scolding him. "Johnny, you've only been here once a month for the past three months. If we're going to help you, you have to come to your sessions."

Then it cuts to him being outside again, killing people and such. Black out. He wakes and thinks to himself, "Wow, I feel good. Refreshed. Like I just woke up-- Shit! I slept!" He hates sleeping. Suddenly, a medical crew come and strap him in a straight jacket and take him to a clinic. There, he is treated and "recovers" and gets better!

I go to his therapist and I'm asking her about Johnny. I think I'm interviewing her. "What happened to him?" I ask.

"Well after he recovered he went out to help another patient who was in a coma. (I'm guessing he was helping to make her recover and wake again.) When she did wake, she rejected him and he never forgave himself after that."

Then it cuts to the scene where Johnny is holding the young woman. She wakes up and says she doesn't want to be with him. He's hurt and asks her why. She rejects him again and he kills her, going back to his old ways and killing people again.