Saturday, April 25, 2009


God, Six Flags was fun! It was a lot of waiting but it was always worth it. Kinga Ka(k) is fucking sweet! Hehehehe. So is El Toro, I also loved Nitro!!! NITROOOOO!!! But nothing's better than El Toro! Though when we got home I was looking through my friend's coaster magazine and it was like...

We also met some people my friend Melissa knows. She's part of a Coater Enthusiast group and they're so obsessed, it's funny. And they all seem to know each other. That's always nice, being part of a small community and stuff.

It was a good day, my legs hurt, and I can't freaking wait 'till next week! Whoo!!!

PS. The ducks at Six Flags are freaking rude! I walked up to one and it gave me the stink eye and walked away. What the hell?

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