Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Freedom and Dreamland

My co-worker was out the past two days and I feel like I got more done without her ass. I enjoyed it a lot.

I dreamed I was at a store near where my ex lives and he was there. Apparently he worked there. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him his store had what I was looking for. He seemed skeptical. Not sure why. I patted him gently on the forehead to try and let him know that everything was okay.

I dreamed we were in a video game. I forgot which game it was but there were zombies everywhere. I knew it was a game but it still scared me a lot and I didn't like it because of my bad nerves. There was one part where one of the dudes let himself get infected so that he could fight them or something. He turned into a snake and I smashed up his snake body before I destroyed his human head. It was strange. There was also something about a cat and that we lost a lot of people when the zombies attacked us.

I dreamed that I was at Eric's house. His mom called his cell phone and he was talking to her. I asked him something and he was trying to whisper to me so that his mom wouldn't hear. Eventually she hung up on him and called the house phone. She was being a real pain to Eric so he took a sharp thing and sliced his wrist open. He did it a few times and then we went downstairs so he could put his blood all over her car.

I have some wild ass dreams man.

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