Friday, March 6, 2009


Greetings my fellow humanz. I am here to bandwagon along with two of my friends.

So I haven't /kept/ a journal in a long time. Months maybe. And years if you want to get into online journals. This is something I think I should do though. It helps with my memory and I'll be able to go back and see what was what and when.

So I made this to join my friends Jose and Alyssa. They're some of most awesomest people I know. They both play guitar and have a love for music that makes me wish I was related. Hehe.

My special someone, Eric, is going to "Ugh!" when I tell him about this. Hehe. Especially since the site directly uses the word "blog", which I hate*. Mmmyup. He's also against posting your life publicly, but I know what I want to say "aloud" and what I want to keep private. I also know I can protect my entries all I want, so there.

So here will be musings and life of a Synesthetic Soul.

Here's a link for anyone who doesn't know what Synesthesia is:

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