Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dream Land

We (me and a few friends) were at my step dad's old job. There was lots and lots of junk and things we were digging through. Some of it was cool, some not so cool. I found a small bed-like thing and tried to lay down on it. It was too small, I saw there was another section for it so I put it together and that made it long enough. Then it deflated and my friend told me she took it. I told her I wanted it back so she gave it back.

Then I was with my step dad and we were looking through my mom's old things. I remember her having some sort of mascot for the US Open. She had one it years ago in some sort of lottery. So I kept looking and looking and eventually found it. My step dad was getting sad and not wanting to talk about it. I was trying to figure out what year it was from and other things. There was a short scene where I was being miffed about not being able to use a computer at a hotel.

Then I was with this girl who loved purple more than anything. She took me to a dress shop and we were looking around. There were necklaces with animal heads. I chose a pink bunny head. She picked out a dress for me but it was blue. Still, it was nice and I pressed it against me to see how it looked. I started dancing around and imagining it was pink. It was so magical and nice. I could see it in pink so very clearly. I asked her if she could get it for me in pink (she was taking me shopping). A few times in the dream I "woke up", but every time I still had the necklace, only it was purple. We kept looking around the shop and we went to the register. She asked if there was anything else I want. In the display under the register were Sailor Moon items. One one them was a box of all the characters in chibi version with angel wings. Another one was Sailor Chibi Moon's wand! I looked at the price and it seemed fair. I opened the box to see the wand and it was so nice. I pressed a button and you could hear Chibi Moon go, "Moon spiral heart attack!" Which isn't what it's supposed to say but that's okay.

Then we were outside walking to my building. I looked up and saw a shooting star! I tried to tell my friend but she looked too late. I made a wish and slowly after that I woke up.

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