Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dream Land

Something about being in my old home. And something about my bank account being almost empty.

Then I was in toys r us or another form of toy shop. They were having a huge sale and they were selling these dinosaur toys. They made me think of Eric so I climbed to the top of the shelf to get one of everything. There was another shopper there looking to buy the toys too. One of the dinosaurs was called "Marijuana Sauras" or something to that effect. I think there was a g instead of an h. "Mariguana." It still meant the same thing. Then there was a big big dinosaur book. I grabbed it too hoping Eric didn't have one and brought it to the register. The guy tells me it'll be about a dollar something without the striped pencil and 6 dollars and something with it. I look at the pencil and decide I don't want it. It has the word "Staples" engraved into it. The guys tries to sell it to me and I say no.

I also remember thinking that I'm going to regret carrying the big book around but it was for Eric after all.

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