Friday, July 3, 2009


So my aunt has been avoiding me for months after we made an agreement for me to move in with her and pay her almost half her rent. Every so often I would ask her to talk to me, so we could talk it over or whatever. She never just tells me "no". She never says, "I change my mind."

So I go to hang out with my cousin Angela who is watching my aunt's place and she finds out. She flips her shit and calls her daughter to come over and kick us out. She doesn't tell anybody that she's sending her kid over. So all of a sudden, she (our cousin April, my aunt's daughter) comes in and kicks us out and treats us like shit basically.

My aunt sends me an e-mail on Face Book declaring that I was "trying out her place". Implying, basically, that I was trying to move in. I didn't even know I wasn't "allowed in the house" anymore. No one was ever told anything about me and the fact that I was banned from the place

She posts on Angela's Face Book saying that, " might try to move in or bring strangers into your home."

Angela was never told she couldn't hang out at the place, nor was she ever told she couldn't have friends or family over. My aunt wasn't mad at her, nor did she say anything, when she found out that Angela had her boyfriend over. So what the fuck?

Not to mention, she's acting like I kept begging her to move in when all I was doing was trying to figure out whether or not I was. We had an agreement, if she changed her mind she should have let me know.

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  1. Wow.
    You're aunt sounds like a real bitch!