Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dreams and Successes

Zombies. Zombies came and were invading where I live. They were everywhere and I had to grab an old sword we have to chop their heads off. I went into the bedroom so I could lock myself in and keep myself safe. But they came in through the fire escape. Then, after they were gone, a two headed zombie said that we had missed one. I killed it and chopped up the heads of another two headed zombie.

Then they came again. It was winter. We had a better plan and set up. We set traps for the zombies to slow them down. I met up with Miriam and she had my rabbit. The people who were taking care of him had let him get sick and he had spores on his fur. I was brushing them off and these two girls started popping them open. I asked them what they were doing and they told me they were getting high. I popped one open to smell it and could see how they could get high. I hoped I didn't infect myself with the zombie disease. As I was going back to our shelter I was stepping over obstacles ("How have the rules changed?" "The zombies are smarter now.") and I think I dropped my rabbit. When I got inside I didn't have him anymore and I hoped he'd be okay. Our room had one side with windows and some survival things. I told someone I lost my rabbit and not to tell my friend Melissa.

I think I woke up before this dream ended. I need a gun.

Success: I lost 3 pounds my first week on Weight Watchers! I'm so exited. My stomach's getting used to this new diet of mine, however so it feels funny and little uncomfortable. But my cousin says it happened to her too and all my friends say I should wait it out, that I'll adjust. I'm so happy, I know I'll be a nice healthy weight soon!

Current weigh in: 128

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