Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dress and shoes!


Anyhow. I was walking home yesterday when I saw the delivery man with his truck. I asked him if he stopped by my building and he looked at me while thinking. He remembered my name and said that he had a box he tried to deliver to another address but the people who answered didn't cooperate with my name.

You see, I spell it as Stephanny, so when the delivery man comes around he sees it and remembers it. Good thing too, for some reason he read the address as 3647 when it's 3447. It was strange that he read it wrong since the two 4s look the same and since down the line the apartment number is there and reads "6x". The 6 written down is 100% different from the two 4s. XD

Oh well, I got my box! That's what matters!

So I go upstairs and open it to see my dress packed nice and tight in this little box. I take it out to see my shoes underneath. I open the shoebox and die. Really, just died. They are soooo pretty! Holy cow! I love them!!!

Then I took out my dress from the wrapping and put it on in full Lolita gear. Oooo I am so cute! Heehee. Pics? Sure!

Me in my dress.

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